Richard judging

Richard Bott

Currently on the following judging list:

Gundog Group judge

Awards CC's in
Labradors - A1
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers - A1
English Springer Spaniels - A1
English Setters - A1
Irish Setters - A1
Irish Red and White Setters - A1
Pointers - A1
Weimaraners - A1
Briards - A1

Passed to award CC's in
Cocker Spaniels 2017
Welsh Springer Spaniels 2017
Field Spaniels 2017
American Cocker Spaniels 2017
German Shorthaired Pointers 2018
A3 lists
Spanish Water Dogs - A3
Kooikerhondje Club of GB – A3

B and C lists
Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla - B
Sussex Spaniels - B
Clumber Spaniels - B
Dobermans - B
Welsh Terriers - B
Dachshund (all varities) - B
Field Spaniel - B
Welsh Springer Spaniel Club – B
St Bernards - B
Basenji - B